When the cool kids came in with something new…

Take your mind back to your school days

When the coolest kid turned up at school with the latest new craze

Maybe you where in the skate gang and you had a skate board

The cool kid rocks up the next day and he has the latest roller blades

In your mind, you go…

Wow! Forget the skateboard, I’m switching the roller blades now

The same can be said for TV programmes, clothing, literally anything

When the cool kid rocks up, you will always want to try out this new thing

And this can be the same with your gym and clients

Competition is getting stronger

More gyms and studios are popping up

There seems to be FitPros literally popping up everywhere too

Which means we always need to be on top of our game or risk loosing clients

Here is what we keep doing to stay ahead of the competition here in Cardiff

We keep adding a new bit of equipment every quarter or few months

We keep re-setting client goals to keep them focused on the challenge ahead


The minute something new comes along with a new SHINY concept

Or they get bored of their goals and environment

They are off 💨


Never stand still… YOU GOT THIS!

David 🙂

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