Me pestering you… by not pestering πŸ˜…

Wednesday afternoon at around 5.30pm each and every week I feel deflated and ruined 

And not in the way you might think….

You see 4pm each and every Wednesday no matter what I have going on, I clear space in the calendar to have my mentoring call

By 6pm after I have had a chance to digest what we have just talked about, my brain then kicks in

I snap out of that strange deflated mood and am then ready to go πŸ”₯

Just take this last year 6 months of working with Yaseen Dadabhay

We went from a 1 bed flat to a 4 bed house, we upgraded the Volvo, we even bought Alwyn the Van 🚌


This week, he was driving the single most important thing into me

Your pipeline

This came about because we are currently on the hunt for a full time sales & client care manager at the gym

He talked to me about making sure the person that comes in is proactive 

Yes, you will supply the leads from the ads, but they also can’t just be waiting for leads

They need to be out creating opportunities, building networks and setting up corporate opportunities 

Which brings us nicely onto the title…

Me pestering you, by not pestering you

As you have read this far,

There should be now no need for me to pester you in joining our FREE 5 Day Lead Gen Challenge next week

Hopefully what you have read so far has shown you that I know what it takes to generate leads and grow a fitness business

This week alone we have started ads for clients in Bolton, Lytham, Sydney πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί  & Liverpool

So the FREE 5 Day Lead Gen β€˜Eco-System’ Challenge…

With the gyms just a matter of weeks from opening, we have decided to put together a FREE 5 Day Challenge to get you ready for the big re-open and give you the road map to hitting 10k a month ASAP

On this 5 Day FREE Challenge, we are going to be looking at…

Day 1: Creating Your Entry Offer & Understanding Your Target Audience

Day 2: Mastering Paid Advertising

Day 3: Utilising Organic Advertising 

Day 4: Mastering Chasing Leads

Day 5: Going From Prospect to Client with Sales

The 5 Days are going to be a little intense, with all training being LIVE and downloads included to help digest and create your road map

We start Monday with one SIMPLE aim… Getting you to 10k a month ASAP once we get to re-open πŸ™Œ

For more info, go here β€”>> 

David πŸ™‚

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