4 Key Questions To Making That Sale

Time To Read: 3 minutes

This week has been action-packed focussing 100% on Sales

On Monday Ella shared her experiences working with Wowcher

Tuesday we shared 5 Tips on making those Sales for re-opening

Wednesday was all about building KLT

And yesterday we discussed 3 payment methods you should be using

Now for today…an overview of the week


You either love them or hate them

Now for anyone that really knows

The hardest apart of the entire set up is getting in contact and selling

Setting up an Ad is the easy part

Building that KLT is simple ⬇️

Chasing them and booking them in is tough

And then it comes to the Sale 💰

Converting them from a prospect to a sale

All you need to do is ask a few simple questions

-What is it you’re looking to achieve?
-Why now?
-What’s stopping you?
-How will it make you feel when you achieve your results with us?

And stop. Let them talk. 🗣

Prompt them now and again ‘tell me more’

The more they talk, the more they sell themselves onto your programme

These questions will knock them down, build them up and get them excited about your programme

Then its time you present your offer

The way you present your offer is KEY 🔐

You might say you get PT sessions that are fun and friendly

But they said they were struggling with time…

So highlight your session times and let them know your programme will suit them

Keep ticking their boxes ✅

They might say they struggle with nutrition

Tell them all about your nutrition programme

Tick off another box ✅

So you’re literally banishing all of their worries, fears and anything in their way

Plus, make sure that payment is as smooth as possible

Paypal, Stripe, Cash

Whatever it is…make it easy!

Once you complete that sale you need to wow them 🙌🏻

They’ve just paid a lot of money for your programme

Give them something to show for the money they spent

A nice welcome pack 😀

Something basic like a tote bag, vouchers for a t-shirt, a myzone, a protein sample

Just to get them even more excited to join you


Yes, sales are stressful, scary, daunting

But keep it simple and ask those 4 key questions

And they will sell themselves onto your programme 💸

David 🙂

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