3 Payment Systems You Need To Be Using

Time To Read: 3 minutes

This week is all about making those sales now and during re-opening 💸

On Monday Ella started off with her experience working with Wowcher and generating over 1 million in sales

Tuesday were 5 sales tips for converting those leads into sales

And yesterday we gave you 3 key setups for you to get on right now so your leads know you, like you and trust you before that consultation 🙌🏻

The 5th and final step on Tuesday was making sure the payment page was not too complicated!

Today’s tip is all about that…all about making sure they’re used to using your payment systems

When someone comes in and wants to sign up to our 6-week programme

We want to make this payment as easy as possible for them 😆

So we give them 3 options:

Paypal: Because they know what PayPal is and they feel it’s trustworthy

Stripe: It looks like every other payment method out there and is trustworthy

Cash: Simple and easy

All of these 3 options are smooth, streamline and as simple as possible ❗️

We want to take away the barriers and make them feel confident

Plus, at the end of their 6 weeks

When they love everything (we know they will) and want to join (obviously)

We move them onto our monthly subscription

Which is all done 100% through Stripe

So each month it is taken out automatically ✅

And we are never chasing those payments

Hope that helps!

David 🙂

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