How We Are Making Re-Opening Sales

This week is all about sales and in particular making sure we’re ready to go when we re-open ⬇️

In our interview on Monday, Ella shared her experience working with Wowcher and how she was able to make over 1 million in sales

Yesterday I shared 5 sales tips that are working for DKnine ✅

Today I want to talk all about building that KLT in preparation for making those sales

Sales comes down to Know, Like and Trust

It’s so much easier to convert someone in person than on the phone

But if you are looking to make sales before you re-open

Then you don’t have that luxury! 🤯

So if you want to sell people onto a deposit, half price or even pay in full

You need to get a lot of KLT in place now

Recently, we shared a Facebook Ad Formula that was working really well

It was the Ebook Formula

So in our Ebook Funnell we talked about:

Facebook Lead Ad > Pixel > Collects their email > Thank-you page sends them to your free Facebook group

3 bits of data – Fb pixel, email and Fb group ✅

When we talk about KLT we need to build them to encourage this person to buy from you

So when we run that funnel, with the Facebook pixel we need to be retargeting them with success stories, insights into how your business is working, what goes on, your values & beliefs, videos, pictures etc.

Once we have their email we make sure we’re building value and trust. Even just once a week. Don’t always go straight for the kill. Give them success stories, infographics etc.

And when it comes to the free Fb group you need to keep building that trust. Add them as a friend, include videos of yourself chatting about your business, your clients, your results, give them info.

That’s what is working right now 👉🏼

A LOT of people are running pre-sale stuff!

We are getting closer and closer to that re-opening

And using these 3 strategies to get the clients warmed up 🔥

David 🙂

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