5 Sales Tips For Re-Opening

This week is all about sales!

Yesterday, Ella, one of our newest members of the team!

She previously worked for wowcher and was able to generate over 1 million into sales

She explained everything she did and then we talked all about how you we can take this knowledge and implement it into a fitness business

Today I’m sharing 5 sales tips ready for re-opening!

1️⃣ Confirmation

Make sure they are turning up for their consultation or phone call

You don’t want to be going out of your way and getting everything ready and then they’re a no show 🤯

So make sure you’re always sending a confirmation text an email a couple of hours before and a day before

Plus make sure you ask them if they have any questions before arrival and give them full directions 🙌🏻

Nothing worse than getting lost on the way to a gym that you’re already terrified about going to

2️⃣ Confidence

If you go into your sale and you’re quiet and stuttering and getting confused

They won’t feel confident in you ❌

So you have to be going into this consultation confident, dressed appropriately, excited & ready to go

3️⃣ Know your offer

You need to know exactly what you’re going to say

Have it set in stone ❗️

You need to know your programme and exactly what you will offer them

This comes back to confidence again

If you present it in the right way and know your stuff they will trust you more 😅

4️⃣ Don’t overdo it

When it comes to any sales presentation

We want to let them talk

You’re the expert but if you talk too much it can:

1) Put them off
2) Give them all the answers they need so they think they can do it themselves

The more they talk, the more they will convince themselves into buying from you 😇

Keep moving the conversation forwards with prompts like ‘tell me more’ and ‘what does that mean to you’

5️⃣ Payment

Make sure this is as easy as possible

You don’t want to have spent 1 hour in a consultation 💸

And then get out the payment link and it’s messy and confusing

Before you know it…it won’t open on their phone

Payment needs to be SMOOTH

Don’t allow them to postpone it and ‘do it at home’

This is where sales are LOST 🤯


So those are 5 tips to help you get started with your sales ready for the big re-opening!

David 🙂

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