The 4️⃣ questions to simpler selling

If you are just starting out, or have been going for a few years

There is always room for improvement

Whether that be:

✅The lead to sales journey

✅ New client journey

✅ Number of leads from the website

✅ Increasing long term memberships

The list could keep going

So can your Front End Offer

We are forever changing the way we position it, to increase the power of the offer

And for now, we have gone with…

The Over 30’s 6 Week Programme, designed to help Busy Over 30’s Drop Fat, Boost Energy & Lose Up To 1.5 STONE in 6 Weeks


Because we know exactly what our target audience wants

We keep asking them, we keep taking notes and seeing what things keep popping up

So when we write new ads, new social posts, new sales copy

We know exactly what to talk about

So let me tell you these 4️⃣ questions you need to be asking to start getting the feedback and making sales simpler…

1️⃣ What are you looking to achieve?

2️⃣ Why is now a good time to start?

3️⃣ What do you need from us to help you get to these goals?

4️⃣ How would it make you feel if we could help you achieved these goals?

So let’s try it ?

Imagine I am asking you these questions, 1 at a time about your fitness business and where you want to take it

Let me know your answer to each one

And then see how you feel about wanting to commit to something

David 🙂

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