Stage 3 Of The Fitness Business Eco-System

Stage 3 Of The Fitness Business Eco-System

This week has been all about The Fitness Business Eco-System

Something new we’re launching in January

Which is why we’re closing The Portal on Sunday ❌

So if you want to be able to try it out first

Join us at before Sunday 23.59 BST

Yesterday was Stage 2 and all about creating that FEO

Now Stage 3 is Share Your Offer With Your Target Audience

It’s time to start telling the world all about it ??

Here are 4 ways you can do this ?

1️⃣ Facebook Ads – we would run these ads to a landing page and redirect them to an application form

Then on a thank-you page we point them towards the free Facebook group or book a call

2️⃣ Emails – now you’ve collected their emails, we need to be sending them!

These could be emails for the first 5 days after they apply

But also weekly newsletterrs – updating them on what’s going on at the gym, how current clients are getting on, and again an offer to come and join the FEO

3️⃣ Social media – we want to be posting at least twice a day

With a range of different posts

Success stories, behind the scenes, action shots, videos, short posts, long posts

And they all need a simple Call To Action

Add these in as often as possible to generate leads organically

Make sure you’re posting on Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, Twitter, Google my Business, LinkedIn

4️⃣ Local businesses

Start partnering up with businesses that work with your target audience and see how you can work with them

Referral schemes and business connections will massively increase your reach

These are just 4 of the ways we will share with you in the Fitness Business Eco System

We will go into far more detail on places you can share this FEO

So you aren’t just relying on a few things ??

David 🙂

P.S. The Portal is closing in 4 days…if you want to get in on the action before January – now is your chance!

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