Stage 4 Of The Fitness Business Eco-System

Stage 4 Of The Fitness Business Eco-System

Stage 4 Of The Fitness Business Eco-System

This week has been all about The Fitness Business Eco-System

Something we’re releasing in January

If you want to get your hands on it before then…you need to join The Portal because it closes TOMORROW ?

11.10.2020 at 23:59 BST

This week we have been talking you briefly through the 5 stages

Stage 1 – Understand your Numbers
Stage 2 – Creating Your Irresistible Offer
Stage 3 – Share Your Offer With Your Target Audience

Today is Saturday and we’re onto Stage 4

Which is all about…Contacting Your Leads! ??

Now we’ve generated these leads we need to be super successful at chasing them down

They could have never heard of you before and be super cold leads


They might have been following you for a while, viewing your social media & emails…. and be super hot leads

During the setup process in stage 1, we will set up a lead tracker for you

This is all about managing these leads

So add your leads into the tracker using an automation


A minimum of 3 times ?

Why? because they will be busy and they may not be free to pick the phone up right away

Plus, you might be chasing someone who had no idea who you were before

but over the last few days they’ve had a few missed calls, emails and seen your social media

and they feel ready to pick up ?

Once they do pick up, you need to be ready with your sale script

Whether its on the phone or in person

We need to know what we’re going to say to them engages them and gets them excited enough to sign up

We’re also going to set up automations throughout the entire process

From an automated text message they receive as soon as they apply ?

To an email series that is sent out to give them more information about your programme

So, stage 4 will always be the hardest one

Because the client has shown their interest but it’s now up to you to chase them down and book them in for their consultation

We will chat about consultations in tomorrows video – Stage 5!

David 🙂

Want to join The Portal and get access to The Fitness Business Eco System before 2021?

Closing 23:59 BST Sunday 11th October

AKA….Tomorrow! ??

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