How A Landing Page Can Change The Game!

This week we’re looking into generating leads for your fitness business

On Monday, we looked at setting up a marketing calendar to give yourself a plan and structure for growing and scaling your fitness business πŸ’Έ

Yesterday we looked at 5 of the best lead-gen strategies we’re using for our business right now, including paid and organic πŸ”₯

And today, I’m talking about this one thing you NEED to generate leads for your fitness business

Let’s dive in:

If you use this, and share it everywhere you will generate leads all the time

I’m talking about a landing page πŸ“£

Create a landing page that collects name, email & phone

Talk a little bit about what you do, and make them want to share their information to register interest πŸ˜‡

We share this link in ads, emails, social media & on the website

Wherever and whenever we can

How do we make a landing page? We use LeadPages

The more places you can change this link, the more leads you will keep generating

You don’t even have to be trying to sell

It can be a really generic post with a little CTA at the end

So, haven’t got a landing page yet? 😞

Now is the time to create one πŸ’ͺ

Just one single page to collect the prospects details

Hope this helps!

We talk all about all this and share landing page templates inside the

David πŸ™‚

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