5 Awesome Ways To Generate Leads 😍

This week is all about generating leads into your fitness business, growing your business and keeping staff happy 😌

Yesterday we created a marketing calendar to give us a clear structure and guide on how we will reach our goals

We looked at 5 things you need to be focussing on without your business to keep moving forwards πŸ”₯

Haven’t got a marketing calendar in place? Head over to yesterdays video!

Today, I’m sharing five lead gen ideas and tips we’re using right now for paid and organic marketing to bring leads into our fitness business every single day ⬇️

1️⃣ Facebook ads – this is exactly how I’ve grown my gym, and now we have Facebook ad clients all over the world who pay us to run their Facebook ads! 😍

2️⃣ Youtube ads – not many businesses are tapping into this just yet. When we ran youtube ads for DKnine, it changed everything. They keep seeing our ads, as we have no competition. Plus, its a video of us talking and showing people around our studio, they get to know us super quickly and it helps to build that KLT!

3️⃣ Email – at DKnine Fitness we just send 1 email every single week. That email is a newsletter, we structure it in a certain way, warm them up and encourage them to apply. We provide an intro to DKnine fitness. We then move into some sort of content, a link to a blog, an interesting article, whatever it may be. Then, we share some success stories, fb posts, reviews, whatever it may be. Then finally we share a call to action! πŸ€“

4️⃣ Posting on social media – this can be scary, but tell people you have spaces!! Post towards the end of the month when everyone will be paid, create some urgency πŸ’ͺ Direct sales posts on Facebook are well worth it

5️⃣ Referral – Every single month we run a referral programme. This month, we’re giving away a DKnine fitness hoodie to everyone who refers a friend. Provide some incentive!! Change it up every month, people want different things.

So those are 5 lead gen strategies we’re using right now at DKnine

Give them a go!

David πŸ™‚

P.S. Want to know more about the Fitness Business Eco system?

Head here: https://fitnessbusinessecosystem.com/

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