5 Sections You NEED In Your Marketing Calendar

A brand new week normally means a brand new guest interview

But this week is different again…

Instead, we’re going to really look into marketing plans, marketing calendars and generating leads for your fitness business from all angles ✅

Today is all about marketing calendars and the 5 things you need in your calendar to keep your business growing, your staff happy and to keep progressing

If you don’t have a marketing calendar set up already…a calendar means you will be far more productive when it comes to hitting your targets

If you have a target but no plan on how to get there, the chances are it’s not going to happen!

So here are 5 things you need to consider when it comes to creating your marketing calendar

1️⃣ Business focus – for example you may be focussing on more sales, client retention, more reviews

Once you know what this is, figure out the themes

For example, if we’re focussing specifically on client retention this October we know Halloween is coming up so we set up a small Halloween event, get it on our social media, made sure your staff know what’s happening, it’s little events like this that keep our clients engaged and turning up

2️⃣ Online advertising

This includes everything on the internet from Fb ads, social media, blogs, emails, ebooks, webinars, youtube, the lot

Think carefully about what you can run. For example:

6-week programme advertising on Fb for £10 a day
Ebook awareness campaign
Monthly webinar
Email newsletters or a series of emails that focus on Halloween

3️⃣ Offline advertising

Now you need to be thinking about your monthly and quarterly offline advertising. Plan it, execute it, achieve those goals 💪 For example…

Business networking
Charity events
Referral campaigns

4️⃣ Client retention

How are we going to keep clients this month? Client support, trainings on the online membership site? How many upsells are you aiming for? Have you put any challenges or events within your fitness business? Have you booked your Christmas party?

Plenty to think about here ❗️

5️⃣ Team development

Now, this is crucial. If you have staff, when are you doing your appraisals? Weekly staff meetings? Team activities? What extra trainings are you putting staff on?

Just you? When are you having time off? When are you going to do some continued professional development?

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Fill in these 5 sections every month and every quarter you will know what you need to get done to get your fitness business moving forwards 💪

Want to know more about all this? Simply head over to fitnessbusinessecosystem.com where I go into far more depth

David 🙂

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