How much should I charge?

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If there is one question we get asked from both new FitPros into the industry & veterans of many years

It is 100% the question on… PRICING

Because if you get this wrong, you are either setting yourself up for failure or giving yourself some major challenges ahead

The maths are simple…

1: The LESS you charge, the MORE clients you need

2: The MORE you charge, the LESS clients you need

Looking at this simple math, the answer should be obvious right?

Charge more❓

Well not exactly 🤨

The more you charge:

✅ The harder it is to sell

✅ Finding prospects that have the cash is much harder

✅ You need to guarantee results, especially if you are in a small community as people talk

This last one can be thrown into the first option too

If you can’t get results, then no matter how much you charge, you will get found out

So if you are NEW, go get some experience FAST using other peoples clients

Okay, back to pricing 💰

Actually thinking about this now as I write this… There is so much that goes into pricing 🤣 😬

With the first thing being that need to be set, is you, ACTUALLY getting a decent wage

You then have your yearly TAX bill & once you go over £85k PY here in the UK, you then have a minimum of around 10% VAT to pay

So if you get your pricing wrong, someone here is not getting paid

You then have your Staff costs, Fixed Costs, Subscription Costs & Advertising costs

Again, get your pricing wrong & you are going to have to say goodbye to some of these

This brings us to the equation of how much should you charge?

If you are still with me… GREAT 🙌

If not, then head over to, you can get all the templates, spreadsheets & everything you need

Let’s dive into it 🤓

Here are the 3 things you need to consider

1️⃣ your WAGE… How much you want to be paid for doing the work

2️⃣ your month business outgoings (Staff, Fixed, Subscription & Advertising)

3️⃣ your business model (Number of clients in each session & total clients)

If you need to make £10k a month to pay your wage, business costs & make a profit

& you also run smallish group sessions, making 100 clients not a difficult number to hit

Some quick maths would make it £100 a month membership X 100 clients = your 10k a month

This by no means is the most scientific calculation, but it is one, that 100% give you an idea of roughly how much to charge

Looking at it again & if you run boot camps, that can service 300 members a month & your income goal is £10k a month, then £33.33 a month could be your price

Remember what we said back at the start, getting your pricing wrong will give you some major hurdle to jump

So be sure to really know your numbers in your fitness business & if pricing NEEDs to go up, then do NOT hesitate 

& if you wanted a more in-depth training on this, all the spreadsheets, downloads, templates & much more to get your fitness business to that initial 10k a month, then come & join us inside:

David 🙂

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