NEVER do this one thing with Fb Ads

When it comes to Facebook Ads, we want the cheapest possible lead right

And this is massively dictated by the number of competition you have in your area

The competition I am on about is not gyms or other fitness business

But other business running Facebook Ads and targeting the same type of prospects as you

Now each Facebook Campaign type targets different types of people

For example “Traffic Campaigns” target people who want to visit a page

Whereas “Conversions Campaigns” target people who are more likely to opt-in going to from a landing page to a thank you page

So if your cost per lead for a conversion advert is expensive, then you should consider using Facebook LeadAds

As a good reason for the expensiveness could be that there are a lot of other people advertising on Facebook targeting prospects with a conversion type of advert

Therefore when it comes to you running your own Facebook Ads

You will never want to run 2 conversion campaigns targeting the same type of people

As you will then be forcing both ads to compete against each other and increase your cost per lead

Here is what we do for DKnine Fitness

We have a LeadAd campaign running to give away a free leads magnet

We have a Conversions campaign running to generate interest in the 6 week programme

We have Post Engagement campaigns running to increase awareness in the business

Meaning none of the campaigns are ever competing in the sale market place

David πŸ™‚

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Automation is killing your LEADS 😭

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