EP#1 – The ONLY 4 Facebook Ad Campaigns You Need To Know

Welcome to the first-ever FitPro Lead Gen Show with me David Kyle 🙂

To kick the show off, I first want to give you a quick background into who I am, how I got started in the Fitness Industry and a quick look at my own Fitness Business: DKnine Fitness.

Moving forward from here, we then dive into the only 4 main Facebook Ad Campaigns that you need to know.

Facebook Messenger, Facebook LeadAds, Traffic & Conversions.

We then move into a call I had with one of our FitPro Portal clients, where we look at how to run a split-test in order to get the best possible return for your money.

Weekly Challenge…

This week’s challenge is to go and set up your very first Facebook Advert, we have training for each of the Facebook Ad Campaigns that we talk about in this episode. Head over to the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/fitproleadgeneration find the type of campaign you want to run and get that advert up.

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Keep it simple this week 🤓

Keep it simple this week 🤓

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Don’t sell yourself short 💵

Don’t sell yourself short 💵

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Today is the perfect EXAMPLE 🚞

Today is the perfect EXAMPLE 🚞

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