FB Ads -> How to throw your money away ?

FB Ads -> How to throw your money away ?

If you are spending more than £10 a day on Facebook Ads then listen up ?

Facebook Ads is by far the fastest way to grow your fitness business

It took us just 3 months to reach 100 at our fitness business

We work with other FitPros who do 10, 20, 30 sales a week from Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is your best marketing friend ?

Yet so, so, so many people get it wrong

When we take on new Facebook Ads Management clients, we tell almost 90% of them to budget for around…..

£5-£10 per day on ads spend

That’s it ?

Here is why

You know when you go to a kids party and there are 100’s of kids everywhere

It’s impossible to have any control

Yet when there is only 2 or 3 of them it’s simple right

This is exactly the same with Facebook Ads

If your cost per lead is say £5, and you spend £10 a day

That 2 leads a day, for you to manage, chase, hold consultations and sign up

But if you start spending £30 a day

Then that’s 6 leads a day

42 leads a week that you will need to chase a minimum of 3-5 times with phone calls, text messages, consultations, no shows, sales, and the induction into your programme

Can you as a sole trainer cope with that many??

I doubt it

Yet so many people will spend £30, £40, £50 a day on ads

Giving them too many leads to handle and are basically just wasting their money

Think about it…. Spend loads and struggle to keep up

Or spend less, give more attention to each one and have an amazing return on investment

The choice is simple right??

David 🙂

Ps… I have just released our most in-depth Facebook Ads Lead Generation course inside the FitPro Portal ?

I recorded a video to show you inside the FREE Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1238186096304055/permalink/2388588477930472/

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