Time for a weekly REVIEW πŸ‘Š

If you want to move forward with your Fitness Business

Then each week, you NEED to conduct a weekly review of how everything went

Working out all the costings, all the incomings and how you can move forward that next step

So here are a few numbers for you to start noting down

1: How many people on your Front End Offer
2: How many people on your Long Term/Monthly programmes
3: Cost per lead
4: Cost per sale
5: How many people left this week

If you track these each week, you will quickly see your fitness business grow 🀝

Enjoy your Sunday evening and speak tomorrow

David πŸ™‚

Keep it simple this week πŸ€“

Keep it simple this week πŸ€“

 Keep it simple this week πŸ€“ It's the 4th week of 2020 πŸ™Œ The mad "New Years New Me" is slowing down Therefore I want to give you some tasks to complete this week πŸ€“ These tasks may sound so basic, that most of you will probably just glide by this email/post But if...

Don’t sell yourself short πŸ’΅

Don’t sell yourself short πŸ’΅

 Today’s our final day on this mini Italy/Switzerland tour with my dad Last night we arrived in Montreux Now this place is on a different level when it comes to costing 2 cups of tea were Β£6.68 Dinner at a very famous fast food last night was Β£27.74 This place...

Today is the perfect EXAMPLE 🚞

Today is the perfect EXAMPLE 🚞

 After watching Juventus win last night in Turin Today we are back on the train and heading over to Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ In particular, a place called Montreux So while sat on the train here scrolling through Facebook It suddenly struck me that this would be the...

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