Just £5 A Day To Build A Nice List Of Prospects

This week is all about getting ready for re-opening and getting our marketing in place so we can get people signed up!

This week we started off with an interview I did for UKPT’s Facebook Group where I shared my advice for your fitness business marketing ready for re-opening ✅

Yesterday, I shared 5 tips for the actual re-opening of your business

Today I’m going to share 1 thing that’s working right now that’s building us a nice list of prospects

This strategy, tactic whatever you want to call it – is working really well for our Facebook Ad clients 😁

So well – we put a course on it in The Portal

We’re telling prospects on Facebook that we’re going to give them a FREE ebook ⬇️

They download it, give us their email and on the thank-you page we try to get them into the free group

This means we’re collecting 3 sets of data 🔥

Pixel data to retarget them ✅
Email address ✅
Adding them into our FREE Fb group ✅

This way we can build them up and turn them into a qualified lead

This all starts with the Ebook ⬇️

This Ebook has to be something your prospect is interested in

We then set it up as a Facebook lead ad

This means their details are already pre-populated into Facebook

Meaning its a much easier transition 🙌

They give you their details and the thank-you page directs them to your Free Facebook Group

They join and you can start building up your content ✅

Success stories, video series, engaging content

They start to know, like & trust you 👊🏻

Then you also deliver this ebook to their email

And send over a 3/5 day series of emails about your ebook

For exmaple:

1 – ebook
2 – how to use it
3 – results story
4- tell them about your programme

This is building your pool of interest 🎣

SO when we get that re-opening date

You can target them right away! 😆

You can literally spend £5 a day on Facebook

And this is exactly what’s working for us right now

For DKnine Fitness and our Ad Clients

Like I said this course step by step 🪜

AND in The Portal ⬇️

The ebooks, the email follow-ups etc

Drop us a message for more info!

David 🙂

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