Are You Happy With Your Business Model?

This week is all about getting ready for to re-open

There’s going to be an announcement in the next couple of weeks

So it’s all about getting your business and prospects ready ✅

On Monday was my interview in the UKPT’s Facebook group sharing my experience of what to expect from Marketing moving forward

Tuesday I shared 5 things we’re doing at DKnine to make sure we’re all ready for re-opening 5️⃣

Yesterday, I shared 1 key strategy that will help with interest and awareness

Today I’m sharing something that will make sure you hit the ground running when you re-open

Lets dive in ⬇️

Make sure you are happy with how your business model is set up

Because when you re-open it’s almost like a fresh start

It’s the perfect time to reinvent your business, make changes you wanted to make 😁

For us, we’re changing our entire system from having Large Group and Small Group

To one size and different types of classes

We’re also going to change our pricing structure 💰

I’ve done a view on this before —> if you’re interested head over to YouTube and look up DKnine 3.0

But today I want to get you ready and prepared to think about what you can do for your fitness business for that re-opening

For example:

Yesterday we looked at re-activating old clients

You can make them a great offer to re-join!

‘Join now and come back on old prices before they go up’

A nice easy way to get a load of people back in 🤗

So for todays tip: look at your fitness business, what you love, what you don’t like

And make some changes!

So when it comes to that big re-opening

You’re ready to go!

David 🙂

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