5 Tips for Re-Opening Your Business

Time To Read: 3 minutes

This week is all about getting ready to re-open
If you’re looking for marketing tips for re-opening, head over to yesterdays FREE training!
Today I’m giving 5 tips to getting your actual business open again
Lets get started! ⬇️

1️⃣ Pricing
Because we’re starting fresh
If you need to change your pricing – now is the perfect time to do it 💸
You don’t have to increase current member prices
But if you are wanting to increase for new members
Now is your chance!
Set that new price in stone 🙌🏻

2️⃣ Check-in with current clients
Lay those foundations
Last thing we want is for clients to drop off right before you’re due to start back 😆
Let them know you will be re-opening
Tell them any new updates
Ask them about their goals 🥅
Make them excited for re-opening just like you are!

3️⃣ Re-active old clients
Go back and talk to previous clients
Start reactivating people 👊🏻
Drop them a message to say you are re-opening
Check up on them💬
Let them know pricing is going up but because they were previously a member they wont have to cmoe back on new prices

4️⃣ Get Active on Social Media
If you have stopped posting regularly
Now is the perfect time to re-engage
Get active again ⬇️
People will start to look at different options
Make sure your page is active

5️⃣ Generate Interest/Leads
Can we start generating interest? new leads?
What we’re doing right now is running meal plan ads
That takes them onto our email list, the thank-you page offers them a bonus to come and join our free facebook group
We can then add them as a friend and start conversations
This is low cost on the ad spend 💸
And builds a nice list of interested people for re-opening
Remember – when we get the announcement we need to promote our services immediately
Start pushing those offers out and selling❗️

I hope that helps!
David 🙂

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