How We Keep Clients For 16+ Months

This week is all about building a connection with clients, keeping them long-term and having them as an excellent referral machine 😎

On Monday we had Paul Oldham shared his experiences within his fitness business to keep his clients long-term even through lockdown

Yesterday we looked at 5 things we do to keep our clients staying with us as long as possible

Today though, we’re talking about What’s Working right now for us at DKnine

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Let’s dive in


So far, when it comes to client retention we’ve spoken all about rewarding them, buying new equipment, organising events, sending birthday cards etc

But the one thing that makes the biggest difference is the foundation we build when someone joins us

When someone joins us, its a 6-week programme

We know during this time we can get them great results 😎

It’s long enough to get results, but not so long they achieve everything & leave

Over that 6 week period, we space everything we give them out

We build them up slowing πŸ”₯

So they don’t get overwhelmed by everything all at once

Weeks 1-5 are all about a slow build

Starting with them simply showing up, moving onto setting smaller goals, tracking nutrition, a gifted t-shirt and so on…

And then at the end of the 6-weeks is when we do the measurements, weight and set some future goals

By the end of the 6 weeks, they feel comfortable in their environment and motivated to continue

It’s all about making them feel welcome and not out of their depth

David πŸ™‚

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