Have You Built Your Clients Journey?

Time To Read: 3 minutes

This week is all about maintaining and growing your client base by keeping them happy, getting them results and keeping them for as long as possible 😎

On Monday Paul shared what he does in his fitness business, how he survived lockdown and continues to thrive and move forward

On Tuesday we looked at 5 things that we do at DKnine to keep clients

And yesterday we looked at one thing working really well for us ✅

One thing that makes a significant difference to how long a client stays with you is programming what your 6,12, 18 and 24 month period will look like when they’re with you

We don’t want them to get set in their ways 😞

And stop progressing

Make sure every 3 months something happens

✅ Re-assign their goals
✅ Well done certificates
✅ Flowers on their birthday
✅ Anniversary hoody when they’ve been with you for 1 year

What else will motivate and inspire them?

➡️ Celebrate their wins
➡️ Show off their achievements
➡️ Challenge them
➡️ Plan events

Keep showing them why sticking with you is the right thing to do 👏

David 🙂

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