An Overview Of Client Retention

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This week is all about keeping clients and what we need to do to make sure they stay with us 16-24 months 😎

Today, is an overview of everything we’ve talked about so far 💪

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Let’s dive in ➡️

On Monday Paul Oldham talked all about what he does in his own business and how he’s progressing post lockdown

He spoke all about understanding your target audience

Their desires, their needs, their wants 😇

And this makes it so much easier to create the perfect programme for them 

This is how you keep them motivated, supported and happy 

The rewards and events they want, the family feel of your programme

They won’t leave because they have built so many connections 


Tuesday I shared 5 things we do to keep our clients at DKnine 

We spoke about:

➡️ Resetting goals – we want to keep resetting them, lifting the bar, creating something new to focus on and challenge them 

➡️ Building relationships – making sure you know loads about them. People love it when you remember details of their lives 

➡️ Fitness studios – don’t complete them too soon! We bring in new equipment every 6 months. Our clients get excited, they put in requests and they really feel part of the gym

➡️ Scheduling events – take people outside of the gym. This will give them dates to work towards and encourage more friendships

➡️ Rewards & surprises – give them things they aren’t expecting. They will feel appreciated


Then on Wednesday we spoke all about understanding their journey 

Say they are on a 6-week front end offer 

We have welcome packs, vouchers, gift bags, nutrition courses…and loads more 

But we don’t want to give them all at once

Overdo it and people will feel overwhelmed and confused ❌

Drip feed everything you offer 😎


Finally, on Thursday we spoke about moving beyond our FEO

Every 3 months, make sure you’re giving them a new challenge, new target, new reward 

Inspire them, motivate them 

Plan their journey with you up to 24 months

Keep moving forwards!! 💪

THIS is how you make sure clients stay with you long-term 👏

David 🙂 

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