How to Save a Sales Pitch from Going South

How to Save a Sales Pitch from Going South

This week is all about generating sales

We started off with Neil coming on & sharing his knowledge on the art of making sales

Yesterday we gave you 5 tips from sending confirmation messages, welcoming them, walking through the consultation & making that sale ??

Today though, I’m sharing with you what’s working for us here at DKnine

So here’s what we do ⬇️

We offer team training sessions (12 people max)

And small group PT (5 people max)

When people come in, we sell them onto a 6 Week programme

6 weeks is a good time frame for them to work towards & no commitment ??

But we always try to push them onto the higher-end programme

This is the £159 package which is a combination of both TT and SG

We run through the consultation, explain the programme & tell them the prices ?

7/10 people say – yes I want to get started, I know, like & trust what you do

Great! ?

Now let’s say someone is on the fence or maybe not willing to spend that much straight away

We offer them our lower-end offer

A 6 week programme which is £99 and just access to the TT sessions

This is more affordable for them & allows us to prove our worth

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Just having 2 levels of pricing takes away the confusion

It gives a good balance

So you always have an option to drop down if someone is really unsure

After all, if you offer a massive wide range of options

You may confuse them & scare them off

‘I want to go away and think about it’ ?

By having just 1 programme – they can make that decision there and then

So, that’s what is working for us! or at least, it’s what was working when we were open!

Right now, I’m sat in the kitchen on lockdown in Wales ?

So here’s a tip if you go into lockdown

Start pre-selling people onto your programme

Anyone that has previously enquired or messaged on Facebook

Offer them a £50 deposit to secure their place when you are up and running again!

David 🙂

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