5 Tips for Making Sales

5 Tips for Making Sales

This week is all about selling

Yesterday in our guest interview, Neil shared how he sells in his business and how he teaches other Fitpros to sell

Today I’m sharing with you 5 extra or slightly different tips to making sales

And I’m going to walk you through the process

1️⃣ Confirmation & Reminder Messages

So, you’ve had a chat with them on the phone & you’ve booked them in for a consultation ?

Next you need to send them a confirmation text, email & a reminder text closer to the date of the consultation

There’s nothing worse than someone not showing up

So, sending these texts and emails give them the opportunity to let you know they’re no longer coming & save you wasting your time

2️⃣ The Transformation Wall

When a prospect walks in, we purposely walk them past our transformation wall

This is a wall filled with our success stories

e.g. photos of 1 stone, 2 stone 3, stone losses ?

Stop & show them this wall

Point to people who are relatable

This will show them you can get them the results they want ??

3️⃣ Make them feel comfortable & welcome

They’re going to be nervous. You need to break the ice

Make sure they feel reassured, safe & confident they have made the right decision

Offer them a drink! ☕️

Take their coat ?

Offer them a comfortable seat ?

All this makes our life so much easier when the consultation is going on

They will feel more relaxed, more comfortable and less nervous and awkward

4️⃣ Active listening

Show them you’re paying attention & listening

They’re opening up and telling you why they need your help, what they want to achieve, why now

Speak little, pay attention, nod your head, give eye contact

Plus, if you want to get better at copywriting or you’re sending emails

Take notes! ✏️

Then you have more information on topics you can write about in the future and you can also relay back to them what they have said

To show you were listening! ??

5️⃣ Taking Payment

Tell them the price & keep quiet

Don’t give them excuses or reasons to think you’re having to fight for the reason you’re charging this price

Once they have agreed to joining, you need to make taking this as easy as possible

The more complicated you make it, the more likely you are to lose the sale ❌

You need to keep it straight forward so they can’t make excuses

So set up a payment link and they can either enter their bank details or login to Paypal

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

These are 5 additional tips to what Neil discussed yesterday

Do all of these things and there is no reason why making sales is going to be difficult in your fitness business

David 🙂

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