How to get fitness business testimonials

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Testimonials help clients understand the reliability of your training program. You could use them to show your clients how they will benefit from your personal training services. This method of demonstrating your fitness knowledge can be very valuable to prospective clients. It is time you build authority and demonstrate your ability to deliver outstanding services. It shows your ability to assist clients to achieve their desired outcomes.

Why do potential customers give so much value to online reviews?

According to recent research, 92% of people believe online reviews are the main reason why customers choose to purchase products online, and 96% of people trust online reviews.

But offline too, the influence of a close family member or friends can be overwhelming, meaning a positive review can be a great advantage for your personal training business.

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Client testimonials are the bedrock of any personal training business. Here are three powerful tips for getting them

1. Offer an incentive for clients who provide a testimonial

When someone takes the time to write a testimonial, they are putting their reputation on the line by vouching for your services. As a gesture of appreciation, offer a free session, upgrade, discount, or extra service to any client who provides a testimonial.

2. Ask for testimonials on Facebook

When you post about your personal training services on Facebook, ask clients to leave a review on your page. This is an easy way to get more testimonials without putting any extra work in.

3. Use a third-party review site

There are many third-party review sites online where you can solicit testimonials from your clients. This is a great way to get more reviews in a short amount of time. Some popular review sites include Google My Business and Yelp.

The fitness industry is highly competitive, and you probably already know of loads of other gyms or personal trainers that your clients could go to if they were not satisfied with your service.

Talk to your personal training clients

Make it a habit to regularly talk to each and every personal training client you work with online or in person. It can be as simple as “Hey, James, how am I doing? Are you happy with your progress and how I support you?”

Based on their answers you have two great opportunities.

  1. By asking these direct questions you establish trust with your client and demonstrate that you want to take their feedback on board to create an even better experience for them if there is anything they’re not satisfied with.
  2. Every positive comment they make is a powerful tool for you and your marketing. If they’re happy that they’re reaching their fitness goals you can add their comments to your bank of success stories and post those on your website and social media like your Facebook business page o Instagram feed. If you’re going to use customer testimonials you should get written consent to name them or use photos online.

Video testimonial

Video recordings of clients talking about their fitness journey with you as their coach can be one of the best tools to use, especially as social proof in a time where video content is performing better on social media than static content.

Some clients may be too shy to give you video testimonials, but others will be confident enough and this speaks louder than any written testimonial online.

New clients

A potential client is more likely to trust positive reviews from current clients than just taking your word for what you deliver. A great testimonial, whether it’s in written form or a video recording can help you to establish authority and connect with your clients’ emotional narrative about their fitness goals.

A good testimonial establishes you as reliable and helps potential clients view you as one of the best service providers for them.

Ask for a testimonial

One of the biggest and most common mistakes personal trainers make is that they just expect testimonials to appear from nowhere. Client testimonials don’t just happen, fitness professionals may feel uncomfortable doing it but the best way to get reviews for your fitness business is this:

If you work closely with your clients, and you know they’ve had a great experience, ask for a testimonial. It’s as simple as that.

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