How to choose a business coach or mentor for your fitness business

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No one succeeds in business on their own. Even the most talented and driven people need help along the way.

That’s where a fitness business coach or mentor comes in. A good coach can help you stay on track, make better decisions, and achieve your goals faster than you ever could on your own. But how do you choose the right coach for you?

What is the purpose of a business coach?

First, you need to determine what the purpose of a business coach is. Not all coaches are created equal. Some focus on strategy, while others focus on execution. Some coaches are great at helping you develop and achieve your goals, while others are more hands-off and let you figure things out on your own

Think about what you need and want from a coach, and then find one that specializes in those areas.

What are your goals?

Your goals for your business will also play a role in who you choose as your coach. Do you need help developing a business plan? Figuring out how to market your products or services? Creating systems and procedures? Finding the right business mentor can radically speed up how you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Fitness business

The fitness industry is full of opportunities but also challenges and competition. If you’re looking for a business coach that has experience and knowledge in this specific industry, you’ll want to look for someone who is experienced in business coaching for fitness professionals, not a generic business coaching service.

Think of it like personal trainers. If one client’s goal is fat loss, and another client’s goal is to win a Crossfit competition, it’s highly likely that they’ll need a different personal trainer with different skills, knowledge, and experience.

A specialist fitness business mentor would be different from all the other generic business coaches because they work exclusively with fitness business owners – they may even run their own fitness business themselves.

Online fitness business

If some or all of your clients are online rather than in person, there are other elements to consider. The right mentor, in this case, will take this into account and provide you with the right guidance, resources, and support for online training.

More leads

Whether it’s online clients or in-person training, usually one of the first things business owners want is more potential leads. As a business owner, you want to succeed – both personally and to provide income security to your team.

If you find and work with a good fitness business mentor with a proven track record you’ll get

  • professional development advice based on your situation
  • honest conversations about money, life, and business
  • support to reach your business goals
  • constructive criticism about what you’re getting right and wrong in your business
  • a fast track to success if you are able to take on and apply the lessons you learn
  • marketing advice specifically tailored to the fitness industry

Good mentor

Business mentorship comes in different shapes and sizes and you will need to make an investment in both time and money in order to be successful. You need to decide if you are willing and able to invest in business mentoring – if you believe the person you hired is able to guide you, and teach you the skills you need to grow your fitness business and achieve your career goals.

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