Here’s How To Save On Your Marketing Spend

This week has been all about writing copy

Your website, your Facebook Ad copy, your social media, your emails

We started the week off with Al who gave us insight into how writing better copy will make a huge difference to your spend on marketing

Yesterday I gave you 5 tips to write a perfect Facebook Ad copy

Today though I want to share with you What’s Working Right Now when it comes to creating copy 🖊

Now when you write your copy, like Al mentioned on Monday, it needs to be specific for the type of person you want to attract

You have to attract the people you want and repel the people you dont want ❌

If you put out a mixed message, it will confuse people

You have to be specific about who you work with

If you decide you want to work with ladies over 40

Make sure everything you write is specific to that audience 💁‍♀️

Because I’ve done this in the past

I wrote copy and social media posts that catered for absolutely everyone

And when you do this, you’re competing with the big big big gyms who have a big spend on marketing

And they will easily take those people away from you 😔

The minute I specialised, everything opened up

Because there were fewer people targeting that type of person

For example, if you’re a painter and you want to get better at painting

And you saw an ad that said ‘I want to help people get better at being creative’

That could cover everyone 🙃

But an advert that says ‘I want to help painters get better at painting’

You know that advert is specifically for you ❗️

And the same goes for every copy you write, whatever it is for

Make sure it is specific, talk to that audience, attract those people you want to work with and repel those you don’t

Talk about what they will get, why they should work with you, why you’re a great fit ✅

And your business will grow quickly!

David 🙂

It’s yours… FOR FREE 🙌

It’s yours… FOR FREE 🙌

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