5 Tips To Writing A Winning Ad Copy

This week is all about writing copy for your ads, sales pages, landing pages, social media, emails – the lot!

We started the week off with Al, he shared his experience with copywriting and gave us loads of tips to writing better copy

Today I want to give 5 steps to creating the perfect Ad copy for your fitness business 5️⃣

What I’m going to share with you, isn’t the perfect way or the best way to write ad copy but its the layout we use most often to generate the best quality leads

1️⃣ – Call Out
The headline needs to call out to a specific type of audience. Gender, Age, Location. If you’re talking to anyone and everyone it will get lost.

E.g. We’re Looking For Busy Ladies Over 30 In & Around Cardiff

2️⃣ – Explain what they get
Now you’ve caught their attention, you have to list the benefits!

E.g. On this 6 week programme we will give you access to 3 sessions per week.
This will challenge you and boost your confidence
Meal plans & recipe books even the whole family will like
You’re going to be in a super supportive group filled with motivation and accountability

3️⃣ – Urgency
This is key!

E.g. We’re limiting this to just 5 people
We only have 5 spaces left
We only work with people in small groups

We need to relay to clients they must join soon or they may miss out on this offer!

4️⃣ – Call to Action
They need that extra kick over the line

If you’ve read this and it sounds your type of programme, click the link below to register information

Highlight again you have limited space
Tell them what to do next!

5️⃣ – Link to Landing Page
This is sprinkled throughout the ad copy
This makes a huge difference to your ad copy
Headline & hook —> link to landing
Urgency —-> link to landing
You want to give them as many options as possible to get involved!

So those are 5 things you should do when it comes to creating a Facebook ad copy

Test, test, test!

Short vs. Long ad copies

But follow this format and I guarantee you will get some great leads ✅

David 🙂

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