Stuck For Content? Look For Inspiration

Time To Read: 3 minutes

This week has been all about creating copy, for your ads, social media, website the lot! ➡️

We started with Al sharing his experience and knowledge from his own copywriting business and how to create the best possible copy for your business 🙌🏻

Tuesday I shared 4 steps to a winning ad copy & a final bonus tip ❗️

Wednesday we looked at Whats Working Right Now

And today, I’m sharing a foundational tip ⬇️

What I’m talking about today, applies to your copy, layout, branding…the lot

If you’re just getting started – one of the best things you can do is look for inspiration

If you want to write more blogs, better social media, more emails

There’s no better place to look, than magazines

They spend ££££ every month to come up with the best possible content to attract people into buying their magazines

This is where they make their money 💰

So, if you’re struggling for content the foundational tip for anything is to head over to the magazines designed for your target audience

Use their tips, advice, knowledge as inspiration

Same goes for your website design, any brochures or flyers, or social media

Look at what the big corporate companies are doing

They’re putting the cash into finding out what works

If you use this as inspiration BUT DON’T COPY 🙌🏻

It will change everything you do!

David 🙂

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