Heres How Automations Could Bite You In The 🍑

Time To Read: 3 minutes

This week has been all about systems & automations

On Monday Ash Burleigh shared his experience on setting up automations and systems in fitness businesses, in particular on the software called PT distinction 🙌

On Tuesday we looked at 3 key pieces of software which helped DKnine take off

Wednesday we talked all about the importance of an operations manual

Today though, I want to change focus on systems & automations ❗️

It makes life easier and the experience for the prospect/customer is far smoother

But there is a time and a place for automations 📢

What I want to talk about today, is not over-doing it

Not everything should be automated

Because if you’re just sending out blank texts, you are de-personalising it

You might be talking about something with a client that you literally spoke with them about yesterday

People want it to feel personal, people want to feel remembered

And its the same when it comes to automated text messages when a lead comes in 💬

We put a delay on it

If a lead submits their details and 5 seconds later an automated text comes in – they’re likely to know its an automated message

and we dont want that! ❌

Don’t have a delay? Let them know its automated

I hope this helps

There is a time & a place to have automations

But think carefully and don’t overdo it

David 🙂

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