Our Automations Set Up At DKnine Fitness

This week has been all about systems and automations

On Monday Ash shared his experience and knowledge in setting up automations and systems in fitness businesses, particularly on PT Distinction 🙌🏻

On Tuesday, I shared 3 pieces of software you NEED for your business

Wednesday, we talked all about the operations manual

And yesterday, I talked about the danger of over-doing your automations

Today I’m sharing our automations set up at DKnine

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We run conversion ads – meaning we send a prospect to a landing page to submit their name, email & phone number
This landing page is connected to Active Campaign. Active Campaign is where we send automated emails and weekly newsletters from
When they submit their details they also get sent an automated text message (sent via Zapier) to let them know we have their details and we will be in contact
We also have Zapier to set up an automated text and email to us, to let us know when a new lead comes in
They get added into Trello – this is where we manage our leads. It creates a card for each lead and you can move it through the sections. Lead > Contact 1 > Contact 2 > Contact 3 > Consultation > Sale
Then its Hollys job to ring this person up 3-5 times to get them booked in for a consultation
We set a time and send out an automated text 24 hours before their consultation to remind them
They then come in for the consultation, go through our consultation system and then we send them to Thrive Cart. On here, they can pay using bank details, paypal or stripe. We want the payment system to be as easy as possible, because they dont 100% know us, like us, or trust us yet
Once they pay, they then get a chance to create an account for our automated onboarding system
They get added to our membership site
They create their account on PT minder so they can book their sessions
AND they are assigned to a personal coach

So you can see, there are a range of automations that really help us to run our programme smoothy and seamlessly ✅

Hope that gives you a good insight into what we do here at DKnine

Plus, if you’re in The FitPro Portal…you’ll have seen all of this set up ready and waiting for you!

David 🙂

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