Here’s Why You Need An Operations Manual

This week is all about systems

On Monday Ash shared his systems and automations when it comes to setting up your business ✅

Tuesday, I shared 3 pieces of software you NEED in your fitness business to make everything so much easier and save SO much time❗️

Today though, I want to share something that works really well for us right now, particularly when it comes to staff ➡️

Now I know we talk about leads and sales and growing a fitness business

But whats important too, is that your staff know whats going on in your business too

And the best way to do this…is an operations manual 🙌

This is something we always give our staff when they join

This explains how everything works

For example, opening up the studio and closing it at the end of the day

They know their responsibilities, their pay structure, what to do in an emergency

By having this in place, they cant claim they weren’t aware and you cant forget to mention things ✅

It is ALL there

And it also makes you secure in your knowledge that you have a system in place for whatever may crop up 😆

If something completely new shows up you can make updates to it!

You want to provide the best quality service to your clients but also make sure your staff are doing the same

Plus, the more knowledge staff have, the better the clients experience is

They will be impressed by everything running so smoothly

And if you step away – you can trust everything to work like clockwork ⏰

If you don’t have an operations manual…go and get it done!

Write down every single thing you would want a staff member to know, especially if you weren’t there

David 🙂

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