Hard Truth About Facebook Ads

Hard Truth About Facebook Ads

What the Facebook Ad Gurus don’t tell you…

There seems to be this thing from all these so called Facebook Ads about the number of leads they can deliver you

There was one advertising on Facebook that he sent one of his clients 500 leads in 1 month

Now somebody who doesn’t know how Facebooks ads work

Would probably think…. WOW that guy is a genius at getting that many people

Yet to someone like me, who does this all the time

I think wow!!! He has killed that business moving forward. Here is why….

If you have tried chasing a lead, you will know it is REALLY hard

Somedays everybody will answer and book in. Other days, not a single person will answer the phone

So take this picture for example

In 3 days, I sent this client 11 leads

Or 4ish leads a day

Say you coach all day, then you have to call 4 today

None answer but you get another 4 tomorrow… Thats 8 leads to contact

Then another 4, making it 12 leads to contact

It’s going to hard trying to keep up chasing these leads right, but possible

Each lead has cost this client £2.18

So over the course of a month, if we keep this up at 4 leads a day at £2.18

This client will have spent £337.20

Having contacted more or less every single one

Now let’s go with this so called genius Facebook Ads guy

He sent this one client 500 leads in 1 month

That’s 16 leads a day on average

And say each lead costs the same as we can get them… it would have cost them £1400 for all the leads

What I am trying to say it….

There is no point chucking as much cash as you can afford into ads if you can’t keep up with the leads

Because if you don’t contact them back, they will remember

They won’t want to apply again

Costing you leads and sales in the future

So my biggest tip is…. Keep ad spends down, keep on top of the leads and scale when ready ?

David 🙂

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