Getting Your Pricing Right

This week has been all about running a one-man-band business 

On Monday, Huw shared how he has been so successful at running his business as a one-man-band

On Tuesday, we looked at 5 things you need to put in your marketing calendar 🗓

And yesterday we talked all about how you can design a lifestyle business for you 👊

Today, I’m sharing a huge foundational tip 

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Let’s dive in 🏊‍♂️

If there’s one thing I wish I knew more about before I got started, it was PRICING

Getting this wrong, puts you into a deep hole 

Underprice yourself and you need way more clients to make any sort of money…

Contrastingly, if you charge a high amount, you have to be targeting a very specific target audience with your marketing and this can be tough

So, you need to know your numbers!! 

Things to consider: 

Facility costs, VAT, business rates, electric, equipment, broadband, water, insurance, bin collection, myzone, maintenance, staff costs, tax, your own wages 🤯🤯🤯

There is so much that goes into running a successful fitness business 

Underprice or overprice yourself and you’re setting yourself a huge challenge 

So, understand the numbers within your fitness business 

AND THEN set your price 🤑

Or if you’re already running and you think you need to take another look at this – do it NOW! 

Don’t put it off and make more work for yourself

David 🙂 

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