Creating A Time Table That Works For You

This week has been all about running a business as a one-man-band


On Monday, our guest interview was with Huw who shared how he so successfully runs his one-man-band operation

Tuesday, we looked at 5 things you really need to put into your marketing calendar 🗓

Today, we’re talking about something that has worked super well for many of our ad clients who are running their businesses all by themself

There are many different ways to run your fitness business 

When we first started we provided limited session times, as we grew, we added more and more 

Our plan was to keep GROWING ❗️

However, we have many ad clients and members of the FitPro Portal 

Who are one-man-band setups and want to keep it this way 💪

They only offer sessions when they want to work

Here’s an example, we have one client who:

➡️ Rents a town hall

➡️ Offers 6am and 7am sessions 

➡️ Mon-Fri

➡️ 10 hours a week 

➡️ 20 people per session, £150 each a month

💸 Nice & easy 💸

He hasn’t overcomplicated it 

This is what’s known as a lifestyle business, a business that works for you 

You can go on holiday, go to events, have weekends off, don’t work evenings 

You decide what you want to run, and your clients will fit that mould 

This is perfect for just one person to run 😎

David 🙂 

P.S. Are you a one-man-band? Have you checked out Monday and Tuesdays videos yet? Head over to our YouTube channel:

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