Get Out There & Try Something New

This week has been all about transitioning within the fitness industry 

C is sharing how she went from working in a leisure centre to coaching Fitpros in getting qualified as a stretch instructor 

Tuesday we looked at 5 different areas of the industry you could move into 5️⃣

And yesterday we talked all about our set-up at DKnine and why its working so well

Today though, I’m talking all about a foundational tip to make sure you enjoy your role in the fitness industry and its works for you

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Today is really simple…

Maybe what you’re doing right now doesn’t work for you?

You don’t feel driven or excited?

If you’re doing what you’re doing and you aren’t enjoying it…

Then you HAVE to make a change 💪

Transition to something you love will make all the difference

Get out there and try loads of things

See what works for you 🤓

Know someone who does something you’re interested in?

Ask them if you can come and see what it’s all about

Explore, get yourself out there

This industry is amazing 

But you need to enjoy whatever it is you’re doing! 🔥

David 🙂 

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