Our Set-Up At DKnine & Why It Works

This week is all about transitioning in the fitness industry 

On Monday, Ciaran shared her experience moving from a coach in a leisure centre to coaching others all around the world to become a stretch coach 🙆‍♀️

On Tuesday, we looked at 5 things you could transition to, or move your business to if what you’re doing right now isn’t working

Today though, I want to talk a bit about what we offer at DKnine Fitness ⬇️

Our offer, our prices and what’s working

So, when I first started out in North Wales..I was a PT doing 1-2-1 outdoors 

I then moved to bootcamp style sessions 

Then I moved to Southampton and started small group training renting in a gym

It was £1000 for 12 weeks

But when I got to Cardiff, I wanted to work with more people at once 

I opened my own studio and we shifted to groups of 12

We now offer two types of sessions

STRONG – weight lifting classes

TEAM – Cardio and HIIT style classes

This way then, my clients can mix it up and do whatever they like to do best

And the reason we moved to this set-up was that it made it easier for us to get more people through the door 🚪

We were able to offer a price that worked well for people

So our pricing now is £97 a month, unlimited sessions

And usually, people come 2-3-4 times a week 

Our aim is simple: get to 150 clients – around £15000 a month and that covers ALL OF OUR COSTS and makes us some profit

Then, from there, we keep scaling and growing ✅

So that is our set-up at DKnine Fitness 

What is your set-up? 🤓

Let me know! 

David 🙂

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