5 Days of Advice, Experience and Tips for FitPros Wanting to Make a Change

Time To Read: 3 minutes

Happy Friday everyone! 

It’s time for our weekly recap, and this week was all about transitioning within the fitness industry 😎

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On Monday, Ciaran came on to talk all about her move from working in a leisure centre to coaching FitPros all over the world to qualifying as a stretch instructor 

She showed us how quickly things can change when the ball really gets rolling

And how she got to where she is now 


Tuesday, was 5 different areas you could transition into

PT, Bootcamp, Small Group, Online or Hybrid 

So if what you’re doing now isnt working, head back and check it out! 


Wednesday, I gave you insight into what we do at DKnine and the journey we went on to get there 

I shared our numbers, including our entry offer, monthly offer, what we make and so much more 

Want to know more? Check it out here 


Then, on Thursday we shared a foundational tip 

If you’re working in something you aren’t enjoying, please please make a change 

This could make all the difference!! 😎

Don’t feel stuck, reach out, ask for help, make a change

David 🙂 

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