Don’t believe Ryanair ✈️

So I was waiting to board the plane earlier today

When one of the passengers bags was just too big to come on the plane 💼

With Ryanair, if your bag doesn’t fit the required size

They charge you

You have a simple choice then…

You either pay 💰

Or you don’t take the bag 😫

Thing is We can’t do this as fitness business owners

The minute we start adding in conditions and fines

Prospect can go find your competitors instead

So what you do❓

It starts with making sure you only work with your preferred target audience

This way you are dealing with the type of people who will cause the issues you would struggle with

You then accommodate the clients in a way where you don’t have to bring these type of conditions in and lose clients and leads

The final one…

And we do this at least once or twice a month

Tell the lead that we are not a good fit to work together

Maybe it sounds crazy in the short term, but you know those type of client that will cause you countless headaches 🤯🤕

By deciding on your target audience, rejecting people who will pull down your business

You will 💯 % feel better and have an easier life


David 🙂

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