It’s 8.30pm… What do you do❓❓

You’re sat at home

It’s a Sunday evening, roughly say 8.30pm

Your phone pings with a new lead landing in your inbox…

What do you do❓❓❓

🧐 Stop what you are doing and call the leads?

🧐 Or wait until tomorrow and follow up?

After all, it is 8.30pm

It’s late-ish

The leads is probably doing the same as you and just chilling after a long week on the sofa

You probably decide to leave them and give them a call tomorrow instead

Thing is…

The quality of that lead massively drops after as little as say 6 hours of not getting back to that request

24 hours later, that lead has probably forgotten who you even are 😭

So here are a few ways to maintain the lead, and keep your fitness business front of mind and expecting your call

1️⃣ Have an automated text message that gets sent out right away after they have opted in

Letting them know that you have got their details and will be in contact shortly 

Maybe add in a CTA

For example, we at DKnine would send…

📲 Hi [name], thanks for requesting more info on the 6 week over 30’s programme. One of the team will be in contact shortly, until then, please can you confirm that you are over the age of 30?? 📲

This gives them that opportunity to reply to the text 🙌

2️⃣ Next, we have Thank you page which explains what happens next and what they should do now

An example could be a video of you explaining what happens next now you have got their details and what they should do between now and you calling them

This could be to check out your latest results, read your blogs, or complete an application form

Anything to keep their eyes… on your business for as long as possible

3️⃣ The final one and this one is super key

Have an email follow-ups system in place 👊

The first email is basically what you have on your Thank you page

Telling them what happens next and what they should do

Then over the next few days, we built a load of trust and deliver a load of value

So by the time you eventually get them on the phone, they know all about you, what you have to offer and are more or less ready to get started 🙌

If you don’t have any of these already in place 🤓

Make sure you take some time next week to get them sorted 💪

David 🙂

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