Be a little more like Internazionale Milano

It’s been a great day or so here in Italy with my Dad

We decided a few months back that we would come during the football season to come and watch Ronaldo at Juventus

The only plan we had made was to watch that game, everything else is getting decided on the day

Hotels, activities and so on

After landing yesterday, we jumped online and had a look at what we could do today

We also had a quick check to see if there way any football on

And you guessed it

There is

Inter Milan are playing at home in the Italian Cup πŸ™Œ

So we jumped on the website

5 minutes later our tickets are booked πŸ‘Š

It was really easy, easy to find where to book, easy to change the language from Italian to English so we could book tickets in English, and easy to pay

There was no complicated process to try and find buttons, there was no confusion in how to find the tickets and purchase

It was all straight forward

This needs to be the exact same with your website or funnel

We don’t want to overcomplicate the process to lose the lead

Your landing page only needs to show certain details, that all its job is for

You don’t need to be adding in any extra videos or reviews, or questions that will distract the prospect form just giving you their details

Same for your application form

Don’t make them go measure their belly and chest

Don’t make them have to fill in 20 plus questions

Just ask the questions you need to know and try and keep it under 10

Same for the website, once a prospect likes you, they will want to find your contact page

Make it super clear where it is

Keep everything simple and straight forward

The simpler it is, the more leads you WILL Generate πŸ™Œ

Speak tomorrow from Turin πŸ’ͺ

David πŸ™‚

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