Do This & You’ll Never Run Out Of Leads Again

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This week has been all about generating leads for your fitness business away from paid advertising 😁

On Monday Lianne came on and explained how we can get in the media – whether that be news, tv, radio and she talked all about her experiences and gave us so many tips on how to do it yourself

Tuesday led into 5 tips❗️

Wednesday was what was working

Thursday a foundational tip

But today I want to keep it simple to give you insight into how to generate these leads for free away from Facebook

Lets dive in ⬇️

Paid advertising, especially FB ads is the quickest way to get leads

But when you run ads to a cold audience, a lot of work goes into chasing lead and convincing them to pay

Whereas away from FB, with referral or reactivation marketing you have a much better success rate 💰

They already trust you

If you go and contact someone who used to work with, they already know you, they know your successes, their successes

Its an easier sell ❗️

So yes, paid advertising works but also non-paid works well too

And this should really be consistent too

Don’t just rely on one method

Rely on multiple ways to generate leads for your fitness business 🙌🏻

So if you ever get kicked off Facebook, you arent entirely relying on them

We’ve covered 5 tips earlier this week, and the week before I gave you 18 different ways to generate leads in the 5 part, 10k fitness business challenge series

Go back and check it all out!

What I will say, is stay consistent

If consistent means just 1 post a week, thats all you need to do

The more consistent you stay, the more your followers will know and trust you

Have a complete system, don’t just rely on organic or paid marketing…have both 😉

Also, have a marketing calendar

List everything you need to do in a quarter and break it down into separate months

This way you can be organised wayyy before its due to happen

Never ever run out of leads for your business again!

I hope you have enjoyed this week 😅

Have a great bank holiday everyone

Cheers! 🐣

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