How does this sound?

Being the owner, the boss, the person in charge… It can be difficult

Having to come up with all the answers

The person everyone turns to with questions

The one who guides the business to success & growth

Well what if there was a way I could help you have the answers to all of this?

A way, where I & a handful of other FitPros hold you accountable to doing the things you say

Actually putting a proper business & marketing plan together each quarter like Apple or Google would

Helping you build out your Lead Gen Eco-System so your not dependent on one stream of leads

A way, where each week, you are held accountable to the growth with the exact numbers needed

Including quarterly meet ups, weekly group call, monthly 121 coaching calls, 24/7 access to me and my team

Plus a new book for you to read each month 😉

If you are ready…

Ready to proper go for it now lockdown is easing

Ready to literally 10x your fitness business over the next 12 months

Then I want you to join us inside The FitPro Portal – ULTRA

It’s not a handheld coaching programme

It’s not another flashy marketing system

It’s ME, holding you accountable to stay focused and grow your Fitness Business

Therefore, if this sounds like the type of thing you need?

Then simply drop me a message and let’s see if your a good fit for the group 💪

David 🙂

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