Updates from The FitPro Portal…

It’s been a crazy few months inside The FitPro Portal

If you are not sure what it is, it is your “Copy & Paste” marketing portal 🙌

Need proven ads? We got it ✅

Need Social Media? We go it ✅

Need emails, build yourself a website & learn Google My Business… You guest it ✅

Anyway, these updates…

The FitPro Portal has come on a lot since I started it just over 3 years ago

When we started it, it was just Facebook Ads courses & Proven Ads Copy

It has been evolving and growing

And has slowly turned into your fitness business marketing best friend

We now have a DEDICATED Sales Coach

  • With Live Training, Q&A’s, Answering Questions, Sales Scripts & Much More

We also have a DEDICATED Copy Specialists

  • Doing the same, including new follow up templates

Need advice on chasing leads?

  • One of the team used to work for Woowcher & did over a MILLION in sales for them 😱

Based in the US or Down Under?

  • We now have a monthly coaching call to fit your time (8pm UK), plus we have the weekly call at 3pm each Tuesday

Want Special Guest??

  • We got that too, averaging 1-2 guests each week, delivering massive value

We now even have a Dedicated Client Care Manager

  • Supporting, welcoming, answering and there to help you in your marketing needs

And did you know that every single person that joins, starts off with a 20 minute coaching call with me 🤓

PLUS… Get’s 50% off their first month

Simply click this link and I will see you on the inside —>> www.TheFitProPortal.com

David 🙂

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