Are You Confident In Your Offer?

This week is all about sales 😎

On Monday, Claudia shared her knowledge and experience on phone call sales

On Tuesday, we looked at 5 ways to convert the leads step by step 5️⃣

And yesterday we shared what’s working at DKnine to ensure we’re squeezing conversions over the line

Today, I have a foundational tip ⬇️

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Let’s dive in ⬇️

What I’m sharing today is something you have to work on if you’re just getting started with sales OR if you’ve been in sales A LONG time

Your attitude to sales and your confidence in your programme

What I mean by that is, when you’re talking you have to be enthusiastic and excited 🤩

You have to match their tones 

If they’re quiet, you talk quietly 

BUT, stay motivated and positive 🔥

You see…if you’re slow and unsure, they won’t trust you 

They won’t have confidence in you ❌

Same goes for knowing your programme

If they’re firing questions at you, you NEED to know the answer to every question

AND sound confident 

Convince them what you have to offer is definitely going to work for them 😎

So, are you new to sales or have you been doing them a LONG time?

It’s time to take this tip on board 

David 🙂 

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