Are You Adapting Your Offer?

This week has been about sales

On Monday, Claudia talked all about making phone sales 📞

Yesterday, I broke it all down and shared exactly how it works with us at DKnine Fitness 🔥

Today, I’m sharing what’s working right now here at DKnine 


So, normally we have an offer ➡️ a 6-week challenge

Then they have the opportunity to move onto monthly


Christmas and January were a tough time

Payday is on the way and it’s a harder sale now 🥲

So we’re doing the 5 things we discussed yesterday

Listening, hearing, noticing their body language

And before we explain the offer fully, we might tweak it

If someone says they’re a bit tight on cash

We might offer them an extra week 🏋️‍♀️

Just to get them across the line

We’ve also done it before when we offer a FREE myzone belt for everyone who signs up in a certain time period ⏰

For example, if we’re converting 80% of people on a normal offer 

If we can offer them something that won’t cost us much 

Then it’s worth doing to make sure we convert 85-90%

This is what’s working right now 🔥

Tweak and alter your offer depending on their wants and needs

David 🙂 

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