5 Simple Sales Skills You Need

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This week is all about sales

Yesterday Claudia came on to share her experience and knowledge when it comes to sales…if you haven’t checked out that guest interview, be sure to have a listen

Today, I’m breaking this down into 5 easy steps so you can get an understanding of what we discussed and start making those sales yourself

Break the ice
These people will come in with their guard up, they will be nervous!

Ask them a question, something they’re confident in answering

Something simple like how they got there, or what they do for work

Then they will relax

Explain the consultation process
When you start the conversation, explain that you will ask all about them and what they’re looking for

Then, if you think they are a good fit, at the end you will discuss the programme and your offers

Learn from them
Ask some provoking questions! The more they reveal about what they want and why, why they’re struggling..the more information you will have for the next stage

Explain your offer
Take what they’ve said, their wants, needs and desires and match them with what your programme has to offer

Do they struggle with time? Explain how many session times you offer per day

Don’t know what to do in the gym? Explain they have a qualified PT guiding them and coaching them throughout the entire session

Tick off everything they need

Explain the price
Say the price, and go silent. It’s almost like the first person who talks loses

If you jump in and start justifying your price, they will question it too

Those are 5 things I definitely recommend that will really help with your sales

Whether its online or face to face

Find what works best for you

David 🙂

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