5 Tips on Software and Automation Systems

This week is all about systems and automations

Yesterday Ryan shared his software company, his fitness business and all of the most popular trends amongst FitPros 

Today I’m sharing 5 automations and software tips 😎

1️⃣ Map EVERYTHING Down. You see, automations – they should make life easier. They should make the journey of your prospect much much easier. You need to look at the lead gen, the sale side of things, the client onboarding. Write it ALL down. Look at the tasks you have to do manually that take up all of your time and try to find alternatives 

2️⃣ Zapier – Now its time to look at software. The first tool I suggest is Zapier. Zapier starts with a trigger and you build automations underneath. So Lead – Into Spreadsheet – Into Email – Send Text  To Lead – Send Lead To Me ✅ Check it out if you haven’t already

3️⃣ Buffer – Whether you’re posting on insta, fb, twitter…you’re always going to be doing it one at a time. Its a nightmare. Buffer allows you to schedule the same post in at least 5 different locations. A massive time saver – right?! Plus, download the Social Stack from The FitPro Portal and you’re saving even more time as the actual social media and post template are already done for you

4️⃣ Email Follow-Up Series – this is all about building KLT. If a new client comes on board a daily or weekly email is really encouraging and supportive to them. Plus, use an active campaign, aweber of mailchimp follow up and then you dont have to send them manually. You can send emails 1,2,3,4,5 days apart 

5️⃣ Set Up – There are times where automations feel like real time savers. But it takes away the personalisation. So if you have a client scheduled to come in and you have an automated message asking them how their first session was…and it turns out they didn’t show – you look a bit silly! So make sure you don’t over do the automations 

I hope these 5 tips help 

David 🙂 

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