Here’s Why You Need To Be Explaining & Confirming To Your Leads

This week has been all about systems and automations 😎

We started with Ryan giving us an insight into what he does for his software company and sharing his experience working with lots of other FitPros

Yesterday we shared 5 tips of systems and automations 5️⃣

Today though, I’m sharing whats working 

1 – Explanation βœ…

2- Confirmation βœ…

The reason these are so important is because its key when communicating with our leads from beginning to end 

When they hit your landing page they want an explanation of whats happening next. For example…

They submit their details, and you let them know you will be in contact. You will share more about the programme, some success stories, and what to do next ❗️

Next, you just want to send a text confirmation. ‘Thanks for submitting your details, we will be in touch soon’  πŸ“ž

The reason this is important is because if you don’t send a confirmation they might totally forget all about you 

Then, send an email with confirmation and explanation too! Thank them for submitting their details and let them know you will be in touch soon. Plus, share a bit more about the programme, some success stories and link it back to that thank-you page of the initial set up πŸ’ͺ

Help the prospect out 

Let them know what to expect! 

Confirmation & explanation

Communication is KEY πŸ”₯

David πŸ™‚ 

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